Getting to know us

  • Maggie - Owner of Banwell Pharmacy, Clinical Diploma in Advanced Therapeutics, Independent Prescribing Pharmacist, Pain Management and Symptom Control at End of Life Specialist.
  • Claire - Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacy Practice Diploma, Independant Prescribing Pharmacist and Diabetes Specialist.
  • Alaster -  Locum Pharmacist, Independent Prescribing Pharmacist, Respiratory and Breathing Specialist.
  • Pete -  Locum Pharmacist, Independent Prescribing Pharmacist, Hypertension and Blood Pressure Specialist. 
  • Christine - Accredited Checking Technician, Qualified Medicines Counter Assistant, and Smoking Cessation Adviser.
  • Alice - Accredited Checking Technician, Smoking Cessation Adviser, Trained for C-card registration, trained Healthy Living Champion leader.
  • Rob - Trainee Pharmacy Technician, Qualified Dispenser, Qualified Medicines Counter Assistant, Trained for C-card registration.
  • Ruth - Trained Medicines Counter Assistant, Healthy Living Champion. 
  • Lynn - Trainee Medicines Counter Assistant, smoking Cessation Adviser, Healthy Living Champion.


All members of the team are qualified Dementia Friends.



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